• David Hartley

    David Hartley

    Writer and researcher. Author of Spiderseed (Sleepy House Press, 2016). Interested in autism, animals, SF&F, spoken word, veganism. Tweets @DHartleyWriter

  • Quentin Norris

    Quentin Norris

    Writer, filmmaker, and comedy performer living in Winston-Salem NC. I write fantasy, horror, flash fiction, and film/television/music reviews.

  • Bill Arceneaux

    Bill Arceneaux

    Independent film critic. Progressive poโ€™ boy, moviegoing romantic. SEFCA member, ๐Ÿ… - approved. Newsletter at ofthosewho.substack.com

  • Evan Josephine Meyer

    Evan Josephine Meyer

    Fully-caffeinated film nerd.

  • Rachel Wilbur

    Rachel Wilbur

    Bigmouth. BA Political Science, MA Gender Studies & Law.

  • Richard Lowdon

    Richard Lowdon

  • Louise Smith

    Louise Smith

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